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In Family mediation a couple or parents meet with a trained mediator, who helps them to discuss their issues and resolve their differences. The process is often less costly and quicker than a court case and there is the possibility that an agreement reached can be enforced by the court.

It is important to be aware that mediation involves discussion of personal details and emotions and can involve some difficult conversations. Mediators are trained to help with these discussions and listen objectively to each side of the story. They will also encourage the parties to consider the needs of any children involved in the situation and to reach a solution that is child centred.

The way in which sessions take place can be adapted to each individual situation and the type of issues raised. In some cases, it is more helpful to have separate meetings with each person and their respective lawyers present; while in others, joint sessions are better. In addition, many mediators will suggest that a meeting with the children is held to get their perspective and to help them to understand the process.

In the final analysis, an enforceable agreement will need to be made by a judge in order to become legally binding. However, the agreement reached can usually be amended at a later date as situations change. For this reason, even if an overall resolution is not reached in mediation, it can still be beneficial for the family to have some agreements in place.

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