Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

Pharma Shopping is a platform that offers customers an alternative way to order their prescription medicines without having to call in or drive or walk to a pharmacy. Using this type of online pharmacy, customers can purchase medicines directly from various suppliers registered on the portal and have them delivered to their home or office.

The pharmaceutical e-commerce market is growing rapidly, and there are several ways that retailers can capitalize on this opportunity. The first is to focus on delivering omnichannel engagement and healthcare services that help consumers meet their needs. This is a great opportunity for retail chains, as they have the scale and ability to provide these experiences.

Another way to grow in this area is to partner with wholesalers. By working with wholesalers, pharmacies can offer a streamlined purchasing experience for customers or employees who use health insurance to pay for their medications. This can also save on shipping costs. Some of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers include CR Pharmaceutical, Cardinal Health, and McKesson Corporation.

For example, Walmart has partnered with a number of wholesalers to enable its customers to buy their medications online through the Walmart Health Center website. The retailer is also offering a $5-a-month generic drug subscription program called RxPass, which will allow patients to save on the cost of their medication while enjoying the convenience of ordering and delivery to their homes. The online pharmacy model is exceptionally convenient for consumers, particularly those who have mobility issues, a busy schedule, or live in rural areas.

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