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Add a touch of heaven to your home with these beautiful wholesale angel figurines. This collection of unique figurines features a variety of styles and themes to appeal to a wide range of customers. Whether you’re looking for guardian angel gifts, love angel gifts, or cherub gifts, we have everything you need to find the perfect gift.


The dimensions of angel figurines vary, depending on the specific design. Some are small and delicate, while others are larger and more imposing. Some are even a mix of the two sizes, combining a graceful ethereal aura with a sturdy structure. The manufacturers of these unique wholesale gift products offer a variety of different shapes and designs to appeal to a wide range of gift shop clientele. Some of these include sleeping, standing and kneeling angels as well as cherubs.


The angel figurines we offer come in a variety of pastel colors. Some feature tan skin while others have white wings or bodies. Some of our pieces are also hand-painted for added detail. Our collection of wholesale angel gifts includes cherubs, guardian angels, love angels and more. These decorative angels make a beautiful addition to any home or office. They also make a thoughtful gift for loved ones and friends.

Please Note: Due to the fragile nature of this item, all measurements are taken from the manufacturer’s website and may vary slightly. Please refer to the product description for further details. This item ships by pallet only. This item can only be shipped within the contiguous 48 states. Please contact us for a freight quote or to pick up at our warehouse.


Featuring a diverse array of styles, these wholesale angel figurines are made from materials including resin and ceramic. Each piece is crafted with intricate details to appeal to various customer preferences. This makes them a great choice for retailers who are looking to add a variety of angel-themed products to their inventory.

This ethereal angel figurine features a naked figure sitting on the ground. She holds her body in a position that appears as though she is mourning the loss of someone close to her. Her large wings are unfurled to either side of her form and she wears a dark hooded cape that covers part of her face.

This beautiful angel is a wonderful gift for anyone who needs inspiration and encouragement. The message printed on her dress reads, “Have faith. It’s all part of His plan.” Designed by Barbara Lloyd, this adorable angel figurine is cast in fine quality resin and then skilfully hand-painted. This beautiful piece would look lovely on a bedside table or altar. It also comes in its own gift box, making it the perfect gift for an angel collector or to give to a friend in need.


If you’re shopping for an angel gift or looking to add a piece of heavenly flair to your home, look no further than our beautiful selection of wholesale angel figurines. These unique figurines are perfect for expanding existing collections or starting new ones, and they come in a variety of styles to appeal to diverse tastes.

For example, our Harbinger angel statue is a dark fantasy creature who wears a long hooded cape pulled close around her face and a dark corset top that shows off her stunning figure. She has long dark feather wings unfurled behind her and a corded hour glass hanging from her trim waistline.

We also have angels in a variety of other poses, including standing, kneeling and praying. You can even find a sleeping angel to add to your collection. And if you’re shopping for Christmas angels, we offer a wide selection of village set figurines that would make wonderful gifts or additions to a festive holiday display.

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