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The Premier League is a major source of revenue for English clubs. This money comes from the sale of broadcast rights which are sold in auctions every three or four years.

The way these rights are currently sold allows one efficient monopoly to extract monopoly profits by increasing rivals’ marginal costs and opportunity cost of serving consumers. This is illegal and must be corrected.


Premier League fans have many options in the US and abroad to stream games this season. Most of these options require a cable or satellite TV subscription. In the US, NBC owns the rights to broadcast Premier League live matches. It also streams games on its streaming service Peacock.

NBC Sports also streams its live content on Fubo TV, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV and DirecTV Stream. However, NBC sometimes airs a game solely on Peacock. The 2021-21 season saw two such examples.

During the summer series, Premier League teams travel to the United States for a nine-match tour. The games are usually shown on NBC Sports, but the league has experimented with different platforms. It has even considered dropping its multi-partner deals and showing all games on its own platform, according to the Mirror. Premier League fans can watch games on a variety of devices, including the Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire.


Video transcoding converts a single source file into multiple new, smaller files that are optimized for different viewing platforms. This improves editing workflows by making file sizes manageable and eliminates playback issues caused by large video file types that tax a computer’s system.

It’s also critical for streaming video because it allows a higher quality to be streamed while maintaining a lower bit rate when needed for viewers with limited data plans. For example, a household with 10 Mbps can only handle a maximum streaming bit rate of 6500 kbps.

Dalet AmberFin, our media logistics, asset management and content production solution is ready to meet these needs with one workflow yielding multiple files all optimized for different delivery platforms from IMAX to smartphones. It can be deployed on-premises, in a Dalet-managed SaaS environment, or inside a personal VPC.


A well-mixed audio clip is a crucial element in any video project. From making voice-overs sound more natural and authoritative to enhancing music with effects, the tools available in Adobe Premiere Pro can help you get your project’s audio up to par.

The Essential Sound panel gets you professional results up to 20 x faster than manual editing. It may be the best-kept secret in Premiere Pro.

It’s a good idea to record your audio so that it sits around the -15dB range, which will give you plenty of headroom for editing. This will ensure that you won’t clip during recording and also give your clips a full, rich sound. Normalizing audio is a simple process in Adobe Premiere Pro. Simply click on the Sequence menu and select “Normalize Track”. The dialogue box will show you the current peak amplitude of your sequence’s audio track and allow you to set a target gain value. This will automatically adjust your clips to the same volume without affecting other effects or processing.


Premier Broadcast provides high-quality MPEG-2/4 multicast services powered by Harmonic’s world-class VOS360 cloud video streaming platform. E+ Premier is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, and scalable service that allows you to launch new services faster. The solution is fully optimized from ingest to delivery, allowing you to reduce programming costs and create competitive bundles with little or no CAPEX investment. It also provides a complete DAI workflow with pre-integration to major CMS-DRM-App partners and ad decision servers. E+ Premier is the only provider to broadcast all of Package F of the 2019/20 Premier League season, giving fans the chance to watch live and on demand action on every screen. 프리미어중계

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