Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

A spell to make someone obsessed with you is a form of magic that is used by some practitioners of witchcraft in order to inspire feelings of obsession and devotion in another person. It may involve the use of herbs, candles, incantations and rituals that are intended to create enchantments and a powerful emotional bond between two people. The type of love obsession that is induced by the use of these spells can vary from healthy and romantic to unhealthy and controlling.

A person who is obsessed with you will want to spend time with you as much as possible, and they will also want to tell you everything about themselves. You can encourage this feeling of adoration by listening to them attentively and responding to their thoughts and emotions. This will give them the impression that you truly care about them and that their words are important to you.

However, it is crucial to remember that this can be perceived as manipulative if done without respect for the individual’s free will and autonomy. It is also essential to avoid casting any spell with malicious intent, as this can have negative karmic consequences. If you wish to manifest a person who is obsessed with you, get clear on what exactly you want from this relationship and allow the Universe to do its work.

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