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Cyber security is a set of measures that aim to protect computers, servers, mobile devices and electronic systems from malicious attacks, illegal access or improper use. This field is particularly important for businesses as hackers can be very sophisticated and may be using a variety of methods, from phishing scams to ransomware. In addition to protecting sensitive data and ensuring compliance with regulations, cybersecurity can help a business maintain the trust of customers and employees.

To combat these threats, companies often seek out the advice of a cybersecurity specialist. These experts are able to identify potential threats and stop them before they cause damage. While formal education is not a requirement to become a cybersecurity professional, some jobs prefer applicants with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related subject. However, for those unable to commit to the time and expense of a four-year degree program, there are other ways to gain relevant skills. One popular option is to enroll in a cybersecurity bootcamp. These intensive programs provide hands-on training in the tools and techniques needed to secure a job in the industry. Popular options include Fullstack Academy’s cybersecurity analytics bootcamp, which can be completed in 12 weeks as a full-time student, and Ironhack’s remote cybersecurity bootcamp, which takes nine weeks for a full-time course or 26 weeks for part-time students.

For those interested in becoming a cybersecurity professional, it is recommended to build up a portfolio of work to demonstrate your skills and experience. This can be achieved through internships, open-source cybersecurity projects and participation in hackathons. It is also a good idea to get involved in online communities and forums, such as Stack Overflow, to network with peers. MDR

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