Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

In this small technical publication we will try to parse Dynamics.set file, which in essence bundles together all Dexterity modules, installed on your GP workstation.

In Dexterity architecture each add-on has logic dictionary, for Dynamics GP it is Dynamics.dic, and also you can have modified Forms (when you use Modifier extension, typically allowing you to change existing forms and add VBA code), and modified Reports (in the case of core product, this is where such popular modified forms as SOP Blank Invoice forms go)

If you purchased new add-on from Dynamics GP ISV partner, it is distributed and installed via so-called chunk file.  When you copy chunk file into GP directory in Programs – on the next user login you will get a message on new code must be integrated – this is when you are increasing by one first line (from 13 to 14 in our case) and adding Two lines with product number and description and three lines at the bottom to specify logic, modified forms and modified reports files

If by whatever reason you decide to uninstall one of the add-ons, you do it in reverse manner: decrease number on the first line, take off two lines of product number and description and remove three lines of dictionaries paths.. Free File Upload

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