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A custom banner is more than just a colorful backdrop to your business; it’s also an effective marketing tool. Banners grab attention, inspire customers and set the stage for the story your brand tells. That’s why they should be thoughtfully designed to deliver a clear message and attract potential clients.

Keep in mind that unlike billboards, the goal of a banner is to be seen from a reasonable distance. This means your message, logo and colors should be recognizable from about five feet away. Large text is critical to readability, as is avoiding too many colors or textures on the background. Busy designs are difficult to decipher, so stick with a few core elements for maximum impact.

The color palette you choose is crucial, too. Yellow and orange evoke happiness and youthfulness, while red is ideal for call-to-actions because it incites people to take action. A quality designer can help you craft a visual identity that embodies your branding.

Lastly, you can customize your banner by choosing the type of material and adding extra features such as pole pockets (a grid of metal rings reinforcing holes in the corners of the banner) or hemming (the process of folding and bonding together edges). Grommets protect the holes from fraying and rippling, while hemming adds durability and prolongs product life.

Regularly clean your banners to remove dust and dirt. To avoid wrinkles, store them rolled in a cool, dry area. To make cleaning even easier, your fabric banners can be machine washed in cold water and line dried. You can further extend the lifespan of your banners by adding lamination, which provides enhanced color protection and abrasion resistance. custom banners

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