Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

For businesses to thrive online, they must have accurate business information available on every major directory and search engine. This is where listings management tools come into play. They help agencies and their clients manage the company’s information across multiple platforms. Often, these tools offer a wide range of features, including listing distribution, analytics, duplicate listing prevention, and data cleansing.

When choosing a listing management tool, it’s important to understand the difference between options. Some are more focused on finding citation opportunities, while others are more about streamlining listing updates and automating a variety of tasks. It’s also worth considering what industries you’re targeting. Some solutions are better suited for certain types of companies, while others can be used to manage listings for clients in any industry.

The best listing management tools are easy to use and provide a high level of accuracy. They’re also scalable, so they can grow as your agency grows. Look for tools that can handle complex product variants, kits, and bundles, and support multiple languages. You should also look for vendors that have a robust distribution network and a good track record of citation growth over time.

Yext offers a local listings management tool that integrates with a large network of maps, apps, and search engines. It also helps businesses collect and update reviews from customers. Other tools that are popular with agencies include ReviewTrackers and Chatmeter. ReviewTrackers is a customer feedback tool that lets businesses see all of their reviews on several review sites from one dashboard. Chatmeter, on the other hand, is a reputation management and brand intelligence solution that includes solutions for local search, mobile discovery, and customer reviews. listing management software

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