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Bamboo clothing is softer, absorbent and more durable than cotton. It’s also naturally antibacterial, thermoregulating and breathable. These qualities make it ideal for people with sensitive skin.

The fabric is woven from bamboo pulp that is spun into threads and then twisted together to make the cloth. The process uses a lot less water than other cotton-based fabrics, and it doesn’t require any pesticides or fertilizers. It can be made into a variety of clothing and accessories. The best brands are ethically sourced and sustainable.

There are several companies that offer women’s bamboo clothing. Some of these companies use only bamboo viscose, while others use a combination of bamboo and other sustainable fibers such as organic cotton and hemp. Some of these brands use recycled plastics in their products as well.

Another company that offers women’s bamboo clothing is Kyte. They’ve been around since 2006, and their founders started the business with two major values: excellent clothing, and a commitment to the environment. They make their clothes from bamboo, which is said to absorb more carbon than hardwood trees, and they use only eco friendly dyes (not synthetic ones that can run in the washing machine).

Thought Clothing also makes bamboo clothing for women. They sell shirts, dresses and pants. Their bamboo is grown organically without any pesticides and irritants, and they use a closed-loop system to make the viscose that goes into their garments. They also use Tencel, a fabric that’s derived from the wood found in eucalyptus trees. They’re based in the UK and ship internationally.

Besides bamboo clothing, these companies also produce bamboo sheets and socks. Their bamboo is grown on FSC-certified regenerative farmland in northern China, and they’ve adopted a holistic approach to production that minimizes environmental impact. They also support local communities and give back to their suppliers.

Hara is another company that specializes in bamboo undergarments for women. Their main focus is size inclusivity, and they’re known for their bras and thongs that fit a range of body sizes. Their bamboo lyocell and spandex blend is produced using a non-toxic solvent in a closed-loop system. Their bamboo is also OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 approved.

While bamboo isn’t as common as some other types of textiles, it’s a great option for those who want something soft and comfy that’s also eco-friendly. It’s a good alternative to cotton because it requires less farming inputs, doesn’t require chemical fertilizers or pesticides and is easier to grow in drought conditions. It also takes dyes very well, which means that the colors will last longer than other textiles, and they won’t fade after repeated washes. In addition, it doesn’t shrink as easily and is hypoallergenic. women’s bamboo clothing

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