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Divorce lawyers handle divorce and other family law cases involving the dissolution of a marriage. Often times, these types of cases involve high levels of anger and animosity that prevent the spouses from coming to an agreement on their own, as well as complex issues such as spousal or child abuse, substance abuse, major property disputes and other situations requiring skillful negotiation by a lawyer who is experienced in the area of divorce law.

When choosing a lawyer to handle your case, you want someone who will listen carefully and help you understand what the options are in your particular situation. It is also important that you feel comfortable with the person handling your case. A good way to determine this is by interviewing the attorney and asking for examples of previous divorce cases they have handled.

While New York is a no fault divorce state and couples with minor children can use the uncontested divorce packet provided by Supreme Court, a divorce lawyer should be retained for any cases that are contested. This includes cases involving child custody, visitation and support, equitable distribution of assets, alimony and more.

In addition to assisting you with negotiations and settlements, your lawyer will protect your rights, especially if there is a history of domestic violence or power imbalance between spouses. They will also ensure that all the proper paperwork is filed and that the necessary evidence is gathered to prove your case in court.Scheidungsanwalt

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