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Whether your elderly loved one needs help getting to bed, wakes up multiple times during the night, or is suffering from dementia and experiences frequent wandering at night, Overnight Care is a great option. This type of in-home senior care involves a caregiver staying at the home overnight to attend to your loved ones needs, such as helping with bathroom trips, ensuring medication schedules are adhered to, providing reassurance, and offering assistance when needed.

Often, the need for Overnight Care will evolve from your elderly loved ones care requirements becoming more complex during the daytime and eventually extending into the evening and overnight. It is also a great option for people who experience dementia or similar conditions that can cause them to become confused and disoriented at night, such as sundowning.

Waking up during the night to use the restroom is a common issue for many seniors, and it can lead to falls if your loved one isn’t careful. Elderly people may forget to take their medication or can get depressed and leave the stove on, which can be dangerous for them. Caregivers working on a ‘wake in’ basis won’t sleep, so they are there to ensure your loved ones safety.

Overnight Care also offers respite to family caregivers, so they can sleep better or go out and have some fun without the worries of their elderly loved ones’ wellbeing. This is an important aspect of caring as it helps prevent burnout and gives family caregivers a well-deserved break. Overnight Care

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