Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Many people are becoming curious about light codes. These are energy transmissions that shower the human “energetic grid” with positive vibratory light to clear, cleanse, and heal all areas of one’s being. They are incredibly healing and uplifting, as well as connecting us to higher frequencies on the journey toward transcendence.

There are some common myths about this type of energy. One is that it’s an esoteric process reserved only for spiritual gurus or highly advanced individuals. However, anyone with an open mind who is willing to take the time to explore their consciousness and work on their own personal growth can access these power-filled energy transmissions.

When light codes are received in meditation, they may come through as words, visuals, sounds, or feelings. These are encoded messages that can be downloaded from a higher source in a deep meditative state. They are a gift from Supreme Source that allows humans to receive higher vibrational frequencies to aid in our evolution and awakening.

Some light code transmissions are associated with the Arcturian star system and are believed to contain energy patterns that awaken dormant aspects of the soul, facilitate healing, and accelerate spiritual growth. Others are believed to carry the energy codes of manifesting, allowing humans to align with universal energies and co-create their desired reality. In either case, light codes are pure, Divine consciousness that raises the vibration of all beings and situations on Earth. They seek only to do good and bring forth Heaven on Earth.

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