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Vintage persian rugs are coveted for their aesthetic value and historical significance. They have a timeless appeal that transcends trends and can be passed on as treasured family heirlooms for generations to come. The exquisite craftsmanship and rich colors of these antique rugs have made them a favorite among rug collectors, affluent homeowners, and interior designers worldwide. They are also considered an investment, with a well-kept Persian carpet increasing in value over time.

A true antique Persian rug is one that was woven during the 16th century Safavid court manufactories of Isfahan, and represents the pinnacle of their weaving techniques. These rugs are characterized by intricate designs, vivid colors, and unique motifs that signify the region they were woven in. The motifs, such as stars, peonies, and lilies, each carry their own meanings and symbolize certain aspects of life. For example, a star symbolizes spirituality and good luck while the boteh, or paisley, motif, is associated with flame and the universe.

Besides a rug’s design and color, the materials used in its production are also important when it comes to determining whether or not a rug is an authentic antique Persian rug. Authentic antique Persian rugs use only the highest quality wools, silks, and natural/vegetable dyes. The fringes of an antique rug are formed during the weaving process, as opposed to being sewn on afterwards. The knotting density is also an important indicator of whether or not a rug is authentic.

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