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Whether you’re on the move, or a hardcore gamer, usb headsets are an essential tool for ensuring your voice is heard. These headphones with microphones connect to your device via a USB cable and work with various software programs, including VoIP for business calls.

These headsets can be used with computers, smartphones and tablets that support the appropriate audio codec. They are typically made with high quality components to ensure the best sound quality and are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, especially in gaming applications.

Most USB headsets feature controls for volume and mute directly on the unit so you can adjust them without having to reach your keyboard or mouse to do so. Professional telephony solutions include buttons to take and hang up a call, as well as controls for microphone sensitivity.

The best USB headsets have excellent sound quality, comfort and convenience, as well as the option to be wired for a hands-free environment. They can also be compatible with 3.5mm analog headphone jacks, and some models offer multiple connection options such as a detachable cable for mobile use and wireless USB dongles to eliminate the need for a base station. Choosing the right model for your needs will depend on the primary use cases, such as music listening or telephony. Picking a headset with premium headphone features will give you the best results, but may require spending more. The Jabra Evolve 20 is a good example of a headset that strikes a balance between quality, useability and price. usb headsets

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