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A designer white vase is a stylish and practical addition to any home. Available in a wide range of sizes and materials, these modern vases blend sleek styles with eye-catching colors to create a stunning decorative accent on tabletops and surfaces throughout the home.

Whether you’re looking for a tall vase to display single blooms or a cylinder-shaped flower holder to fill with a large arrangement, west elm has modern vases in a variety of shapes and sizes. These vases come in both black and white ceramic options, as well as metal flower holders in stainless steel, aluminum and recycled materials with an oxidized finish.

Simple and Stylish Plant Pots in Neutral Colors

Many modern flower vases are made of ceramic, stoneware or porcelain in neutral colors like black or white to allow the flowers and greenery they hold to pop against their backdrop. These vases are also popular for using as plant holders because they’re easy to clean and they’re available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes.

Paper Vases in Soft Pastel Shades

For a fun and unique flower holder, look for paper vases that mimic the shape of a paper bag. These handcrafted pieces are a great way to add a touch of nature to your living room or dining area and they’re sure to impress friends.

Asymmetrical Sculptural Vases in Ceramic by Cooee Design

For an elegant touch of minimalism, consider the asymmetrical vases from the Cooee Design Ball vase collection. Designed by Jaime Hayon, this sculptural piece can be used as a tabletop or floor vase or in groups as a minimal design object.

Deconstructivism: Betweenness by Julia Olanders

A Stockholm-based designer has re-imagined traditional vases and other objects with her Betweenness project. Olanders used molds cast from construction material to create the decorative vases, which each have a bulbous belly and thin neck reminiscent of ancient Greek urns or headless busts.

The asymmetrical design of the vases is reflected in their surface, which is smooth and textured. The asymmetrical design allows the vase to look different from every angle, which makes it a unique and eye-catching decorative accessory for any space.

S/2 Maribelle Stoneware Vases by Rosalind Wheeler

A set of two sculptural ceramic stone vases is the perfect addition to your country decor ensemble. The curved, neutral color palette is eye-catching and will evoke a boho style look. These vases are designed to be displayed solo or filled with faux or real flowers for an artisan-inspired display.

3 Vases by Francois Azambourg

Whether you’re in the market for a classic tall vase or a more contemporary cylinder-shaped vessel, there are plenty of designs to choose from. These vases are made from solid Statuary marble and have been carved by hand. vase blanc design

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