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One of the most popular RV accessories is a refrigerator. This is because the RV fridge allows campers to bring all sorts of perishable food items on their trips. This includes ice cream, meats, fruits and veggies, cheeses, beverages and more. Those without rv refrigeration would be stuck with bringing frozen or canned foods.

There are many different types of rv refrigerators on the market. Some are specifically designed for use in RVs, while others are residential-type refrigerators that have been modified for RV use. The type of fridge you choose should be based on the available space in your RV and your energy usage. For example, if you are planning to use your RV on the grid, then a residential fridge will not be suitable because it uses too much power.

The most common type of rv refrigerator is an absorption fridge. This type of fridge uses a special coolant mx of hydrogen, ammonia and water to keep your food cold. A small amount of this chemical coolant is heated by the refrigerator’s power source, which then vaporizes and takes the heat with it. This vapor is vented outside where it dissipates.

Absorption refrigerators are more likely to be affected by the ambient temperature than compressor-style fridges. It can take a bit longer for them to cool down, and they may also have trouble keeping their temps steady when it’s hot or at higher altitudes. To help, consider adding a small refrigerator fan inside your RV to keep air circulating. rv refrigeration

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