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Embrace the tranquility of the sea with this beautiful bracelet, designed to bring you peace and tranquillity. The Turquoise Tranquility Bracelet features hand-selected Czech glass beads with a harmonious pattern that dances in the light, capturing the beauty of turquoise ocean water. It is perfect to elevate your casual look or complement your evening ensemble. You can also add a few drops of your favourite organic natural essential oils to the rosewood beads and let their calming and grounding aromas linger on your wrist.

Featuring the serene and healing properties of Sky Jasper (also known as the stone of Tranquility), this bracelet helps you to calm the mind, allowing for inner peace and relaxation. It is the perfect addition to your meditation or mindful practices.

This calming bracelet features three crystals known for their soothing energies:

Green Aventurine carries a hopeful and optimistic energy, and helps us to keep grounded in the heart during challenging times.

Aquamarine balances the heart and throat chakra – easing emotional stress and bringing a sense of calmness to the body.

Amethyst is a powerful crystal that opens and balances the crown chakra. This chakra is the connection between your physical and spiritual world, governing intuition and higher consciousness.

Combined with white howlite, a stone of patience and perspective, and solid rosewood, this is the ultimate in calming and spiritual jewelry. Wear it to help keep you centered and grounded on your journey, or give it as a gift to someone who needs a little tranquility in their lives. tranquility bracelet

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