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The Little Prince is a classic story that’s loved by both children and adults. Its message is a profound one that can teach us much about life and ourselves. It’s often overlooked and considered to be a book for kids, but it’s actually full of deep allegory and meaning for adults as well. In this article, we’ve rounded up 35 of the best the little prince quotes that will inspire you and give you hope.

The Prince and the Fox were walking through the desert in search of a well. As they stopped to rest and look at the stars, the Little Prince said this. It is a beautiful quote that emphasizes the importance of seeing things with your heart instead of with your eyes.

“Where are the people?” said the Little Prince at last. “It’s a little lonely here in the desert. I miss my planet and my flower, and I miss the laugh of a child.”

This quote is a reminder that everyone has good in them. We can’t forget that and be discouraged by the bad in some people. It’s important to remember that we should appreciate the good in others and be happy for their success.

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