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There are shoes and then there are clogs shoes. One of the oldest forms of footwear, clogs basically took off during the time of the industrial revolution when workers in the mills, mines, fields and factories needed a cheap form of footwear. At the same time it needed to be robust and durable. These had an open back and a closed front and were typically made up of a wooden sole. Most of the times, the entire shoe was crafted out of wood but there were occasions when the upper part was made up of tough leather. Clog dancing got its name from clog shoe and was a very popular activity among the peasant class. Dancers wore clogs shoes with specialized heels but these sounded different compared to the traditional tap heels.

The clog shoe today has undergone tremendous changes, though the basic design remains the same. They have no backs or only have a small lip at the end of the shoe. The bottom portion of the shoes is shaped with an upward curve going from middle to the toe area. Also, they are made up of a variety of materials now including leather, rubber, canvas, suede, cloth or even plastic. There are specialized clogs shoes worn by chefs, gardeners, the hospital staff and other professionals. But they are also commonly used as everyday footwear because of their comfort.

There was a time when the clog shoe lost its appeal to other forms but is now enjoying popularity like never before. The style and fashion quotient of clogs shoes too has kept changing over time. In the 70’s and 80’s the Swedish style clog was very popular and was worn without socks. In fact wearing clogs without socks is still in vogue. In recent times, elevated clogs have become a big craze. They are worn by women as an alternative to the sandal or flip-flop and various celebrities can be spotted flaunting these all the time. The leading fashion houses are the ones that dictate most of these trends at the gala fashion weeks.

Clogs shoes has become very trendy footwear worn by the masses and fashion conscious people alike. From fashion runways to retail stores, it’s hard not to spot them. They have a growing fan following among both men and women and you can find a clog for any need and purpose.

Apart from a brief decline, clogs have been popular throughout the generations and with their current rage, their popularity is not going to wane any time soon custom fuzzy socks bulk

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