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If you’ve got curly hair, finding a stylist who understands your kinks and wavy loops is an important step. You need someone who knows how to cut a curly bob, shoulder length layers, mid-length curls or a loose curly pixie without chopping off your curls’ volume. It’s also a good idea to look for a stylist with curl-specific training or certification.

If your curls are feeling frizzy or dry, try using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that will keep them hydrated. You should also use a detangling gel, and avoid heat styling when possible.

Whether you’re looking for a short curly pixie or a long, flowing mane, these stylists are the best in Melbourne for slicing and shaping curls into your perfect shape. They have an understanding of the way curly hair behaves, and can give you a stunning result every time.

With a philosophy that’s all about embracing natural texture, this salon offers the latest in cutting and colouring techniques for curly, wavy or textured hair. Their services include a detailed consultation to determine your hair needs, and they have a full range of products to help you maintain the look between visits. Clients rave about the service they receive here, and say they leave with curls that bounce, flutter and shine with a bit of sass! curly hair salon melbourne

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