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If your company requires chemicals that are hard to find or even made to order, look to a chemical manufacturer that can handle bespoke products. In the chemical world, bespoke products refer to those chemicals that are specially formulated according to particular specifications of the customer. A variety of industries rely on these types of products from household cleaners to pesticides to pharmaceuticals.

Polymerisation Process

If you require pre-polymers or polymers in your products, a chemical company that specialises in the polymerisation process is important. Polymers require more sensitive, specialised processes than other chemical areas and they typically require such equipment as vacuums, reactors and condensers. Latex is a common polymer product which can be used in a variety of surface treatments such as waxes and specialty coatings. Adhesives and cleaners also require pre-polymers and polymers.

Electrical products as well as laminated items, wood and light bulbs also require polymerisation techniques. You can find pre-polymers and polymers in epoxies, floor coatings, and protective sealants that repel moisture. The applications for polymer and pre-polymer products are numerous.

Specialty Dyes

Dyes are used in a variety of applications from plastics and textiles to lasers and printer ink. However, some products require specialty dyes made from difficult or dangerous compounds. For instance, coumarin is an ingredient found in plants that smells a bit like vanilla but it can be quite toxic if you are exposed to it or ingest it. A chemical manufacturer can manufacture dyes safely with this toxic ingredient.

Violanthrone is a hard to use compound that is a necessary ingredient in some dyes but it has little to no solubility in water, thus requiring a manufacturer that can manipulate it. Phthalocyanine also has low solubility but it an important ingredient in some dyes that are used with cotton and other textiles.

Fine Chemicals

Another specialty within bespoke products, fine chemical work is best contracted out to manufacturers that can handle small batches of pure single compound ingredients. Typical work with fine chemicals include isolation, drying and production of aromatic compounds, acids, esters, aldehydes, alcohol and more. Sealant Manufacturers

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