Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Whether you’re interviewing for a new job or hoping to get a raise at your current company, Salary negotiation is often the most challenging aspect of the process. But if you approach salary negotiations with confidence and tact, you can land an offer that meets (or exceeds) your expectations.

The best way to prepare for a salary discussion is to do your homework. Start by researching salary levels in your area using websites like Glassdoor and Robert Half. Then find data specific to the role you’re applying for to help guide your decision on how much to ask for a salary increase.

It’s also a good idea to practice your approach with a friend or mentor who can provide feedback on your delivery and questions that may be unexpected during the conversation. Practicing ahead of time will help you feel more confident and ready for the salary discussion.

Avoid giving a range when asked about your expected salary when you first meet with the interviewer. The hiring manager will most likely give you the lower end of that range, which can set the tone for the rest of the conversation.

If you’re faced with a no or counteroffer that doesn’t meet your needs, try negotiating other aspects of the compensation package. This could include moving your start date or negotiating additional vacation days, and can make the difference in landing a job that makes sense for you. LearnVest also provides a list of other tips, tactics and scripts to help you succeed in your next salary negotiation. Salary negotiation tips

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