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Psilocybin grow bags are a very convenient way to grow mushrooms at home. These plastic bags have a filter patch that allows for the exchange of fresh air but prevents contaminants from passing through. The bag can be inoculated with a mushroom mycelium culture, then filled with substrate to create a mini-fruiting chamber for your mushrooms to grow. This is a very effective way to grow edible mushrooms at home.

This mushroom grow bag is pre-sterilized with a layer of sterilized grain for mycelium growth, topped off with a layer of sterile coco coir substrate. The bag also features a built-in injection port for easy inoculation of spores or liquid cultures. This is the simplest way to get started with home-growing gourmet or medicinal mushrooms.

The filter on this bag is a 0.2 micron filter which allows for the ideal amount of fresh air to pass through without introducing contamination. This is the same filter used by medical cannabis growers to ensure that their plants are not contaminated during cultivation.

These bags are gusseted, meaning they have sides that fold down, allowing them to be rolled up for storage and transport. This feature makes them very convenient to use, especially for making fruiting blocks, but they can also be used for spawn bags and other applications.

Before using your mushroom grow bag, make sure that you sanitize the workspace and any scissors or utility knife you may have, as well as the bag itself. Sanitizing is especially important for this application since you will be dealing with high temperatures and spores. It is recommended to work in a still air box (SAB) or in front of a flow hood to reduce the chances of contamination.

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