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Having a spare tire can make all the difference in an emergency. It is important to keep your spare in good condition and protected from the elements.

This stylish wheel cover does just that and adds a great look to your Defender. It also helps to deter thieves by making it more difficult for them to remove the wheel.

Spare Wheel Cover

Harsh weather elements like the sun’s UV rays can damage your spare tire, so it’s important to keep it covered when not in use. This cover by ADCO has been UV-treated and cold crack treated to protect your tire from the elements. It is easy to install and comes with a three-year warranty.

It is a soft cover that wraps around your spare tire from the front and tightens in the back with an elastic cord or rope. It also features a felt pad for extra protection. It is available in several sizes to fit different tire diameters. The cover is simple to install, and you don’t need tools. However, you should let the cover stretch out and relax for a while before installing it, as forcing the cover on has been known to result in ripping.

A hard cover is a more durable option that uses a rigid material such as stainless steel or molded plastic to wrap around your spare tire, locking in place with a clasp or latch. This style of cover is more expensive than a soft cover, but it offers the best protection. It also looks sleeker than a soft cover and doesn’t require the maintenance that a soft cover needs.

This cover is designed to fit standard L663 Defender Spare Wheels, but it may not fit larger wheels. It has a sturdy aluminum frame and stainless steel components and is powder coated black. It has a lockable storage compartment for storing items such as tow straps, jumper cables, and tools.


Protect your spare tire with a stylish wheel cover. This Genuine Land Rover accessory features the Defender logo embossed into the ABS plastic and a UV stabalised vinyl outer with elastic sewn in to make fitting easy. It will fit both beadlock & non-beadlock wheels.

With a purposeful design aesthetic and serious capability, the Defender family has a personality all of its own. It’s a modern-day hero that respects the past but anticipates the future.

The body-colored Spare Wheel Cover complements a cohesive, purposeful look and is designed to be compatible with both Defender 90 and 110 models 2020 onwards. It has a premium URBAN embossed lettering and a castellated design around the circumference. It’s also available with a choice of tablet badge branding options. It’s the perfect accessory for a vehicle that proudly takes on the toughest challenges.


The rear wheel cover is a great way to hide the spare tire and add some styling to your vehicle. It fits over the spare wheel and has a hard plastic center dish with a soft vinyl outer edge that is securely held on by thick elasticized shock cords. It’s available in satin black that can be installed directly on the car or Ready to Paint that is primed and ready for you to paint to match your vehicle. It is designed to fit the 2020-on L663 Land Rover Defender 90, 110 & 130 models. The rear cover is OEM style and has a Defender logo embossed into the ABS plastic.

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