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Productive families are individuals who successfully launch their own small business ventures, often from home, and sell their products in the local community. Their projects range from manufacturing crafts and textiles to selling healthy and delicious food. The administration encourages and promotes these types of successful family businesses, which help increase the income of families and contribute to boosting the economy of Riyadh.

The role of family is central in the culture of Saudi Arabia and is considered to be the basis of a person’s social life and their sense of belonging in society. Families are close and often rely on each other for support. They are also expected to act in the spirit of filial piety and to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of family members.

This is reflected in the traditional housing arrangements, extended family groups, and family compounds that are commonly found in Saudi neighborhoods. Unlike other countries, the average household size in Saudi Arabia has not decreased significantly and there is no indication of a decline in the number of family members.

The family is the first incubator of human capital, and it’s important to understand its values and principles in order to work with them. During business dinners, try to avoid talking about politics and instead focus on discussing personal interests that will allow you to get to know your counterpart better: sports, cars, travel or films are good examples. This will create an opening for a meaningful and positive conversation. محل اسر منتجة

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