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Nearest Hotels to Disneyland Paris

Whether you want to stay inside the Disney bubble or escape it for a change, there’s a hotel near Disneyland Paris to suit everyone’s needs. There are Disney-branded options with everything from Toy Story and Marvel theming to luxury NuXE spas, as well as non-Disney choices with huge gardens and heated swimming pools.

You can find cheap hotels near Disneyland Paris that make it easy to get to the park with free shuttle buses, or even stay in a town like Magny le Hongre or Langy sur Marne and enjoy the freedom of renting a car. Most of these cheap hotels also have public transport nearby so you can easily access the metro to explore central Paris during your stay, too.

The most convenient hotels to Disneyland Paris are ones that you can walk to. L’Elysee Val d’Europe is one such option, a gorgeous 4-star property that’s about a block away from the Val d’Europe train station, which means you can be at Disneyland in just 20 minutes. The hotel also has 152 rooms, including family-sized quadruples, that are contemporary and comfortable.

The Explorers Hotel, a 4-star hotel located between the Explorers and Grand Magic Hotels is another great option for those looking to stay close to Disneyland Paris. It offers a free shuttle bus to the parks that runs every day and takes about 8 minutes to reach the park. The hotel has a range of other amenities, such as a fitness center and spa and a restaurant. It’s also dog-friendly, with a few cabins dedicated to it. Nearest Hotels to Disneyland Paris

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