Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

A cult-favorite, MK sales bag uk is the ultimate go-to designer purchase. With an array of practical shapes, the brand’s recognisable logo medallion and gold empire hardware add instant pizazz to any look. Find the perfect ‘Jet Set Travel’ tote in the season’s hottest hues or a cross-body bag for everyday wear.

Authenticity tip: Look for neat leather tabs that conceal the ends of the strap. Unlike the faux bags that usually tuck into the seam, genuine MK bags use precise stitches to hold the straps securely in place.

Discover a fine selection of MK bags for every occasion, including black, silver and parker styles, available at a price point to suit any budget. Ensure that your new addition is authentic by carefully checking the logo: the MK letters should be distinct and perfectly centered in the circle emblem. Also, the logo should not stand out from the bag leather and the hardware should feel substantial, rather than coated plastic. MK bag for sale

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