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As well as reducing conflict within relationships, mediation can help to resolve disputes between businesses and individuals. Unlike a court case, mediation is a private process between the parties with a mediator acting as neutral facilitator. This can result in innovative commercial solutions which may not have been available to the parties if they had gone through a traditional court procedure. This is particularly true for business to business disputes, where mediation can often save a great deal of expense, stress and time by allowing the parties to agree a mutually acceptable solution without resorting to legal proceedings.

A mediation service can be found through the local authority’s Dispute Resolution Teams or at a number of local centres across the country. These centres are usually operated by a voluntary body, for example the Law Society, and provide a neutral venue in which mediation sessions can take place. Some local authorities also offer financial support to eligible clients who are unable to afford to pay for mediation themselves.

mediation uk can be carried out at any stage of a dispute, whether before proceedings have been issued or even after they have been. It can be conducted by a solicitor or barrister or by a specially trained mediator. To become a mediator you must complete an accredited training course, typically consisting of a block of days of classroom work and practical assessment. The Civil Mediation Council lists a number of training providers.

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