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Mac oil cartridges are glass tanks pre-filled with clean THC cannabis oil that easily attach to a standard 510 battery. They are a convenient way to experience the potency and flavorful vapor of many well known strains of cannabis in a discreet, portable, and affordable package. Typically sold in a gram increment, Mac oil carts are available in various well known THC strains.

How to Use a Mac Oil Cartridge
First, check that your vape cartridge is compatible with your pen or battery. Then, screw the cart onto your device. Some pens have a preheat function that warms up the oil inside before you inhale, to enhance flavor and vapor production. This step may not be necessary for all pens.

Finally, press and hold the button on your pen while inhaling slowly. Some pens are draw-activated and do not have a button, in which case you can skip this step. Repeat as desired and remember to store your cartridge in a safe place out of the sunlight and extreme temperatures. This will prolong the life of your oil and prevent degradation. Mac oil cartridges

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