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Pepping up summers this early is no wonder, but as the summers are heating up the Demand for air conditioners is on an increase .To have a look forward as to which are the top split air conditioners in India from LG let’s have a detail view below.


This model from LG is new and unique and comes with four different uses which is effective and is a great boon for summers. Looking for the price then this split air conditioner cost about INR 67,000. To know more there are some good features for this device:

a. Four way cooling- This model comes with a four way cooling, both the horizontal as well as the vertical swing action helps in better airflow and the uniform cooling is continued. b. The new Himalaya Cool is a technology which provides fast cooling to the people by mere focus on just cooling the living space with the new smart airflow and the vertical swing is 2 times faster. To get this effect just activate it by tapping the the button by the remote controller. Almost up to 28% faster the room is cooled and by 26% the energy is saved. c. It is Season Good, season good means the monsoon comfort technology which the air conditioner has come up with. There was one dehumidification feature as well but this monsoon comfort technology does not overcool and saves 35% of energy.  This can also be very easily be activated by remote control only. d. With this model from LG air conditioners you don’t have to worry about the cleaning and wet heat. It has got the Auto Clean technology which dries out the wet heat exchanger and this helps in preventing both bacteria and mould from breeding. e. Saving energy is another point for Air conditioners today, for this AC from LG air conditioners they apply the BATA- Body Adaptation Time Algorithm to AC’s. This mode saves energy in a an operational mode and uses minimum energy. f. It comes with few other features as well like the on/off timer which according to the users will turn on and off the AC. Then the Sweet Dreamz mode, where by pressing the remote key the display will automatically be turned off for comfort sleeping. Last is the Sleep Mode, when activated the room temperature is adjusted automatically which is matched with the body metabolism rate during sleep.


This is a model from LG air conditioners which is offered at less price and does carry many good features. It is offered at a price of INR 45,990. LG BSA12IMA in india is offered with many new features and has a mosquito away technology and much more.

a.4 way swing is the new technology which gives both horizontal and vertical swing which ensures a much better airflow and ensures a unified cooling. b. The new Himalaya cool technology provides a great fast cooling experience. Generally the living room takes much time to get cool so this helps in faster cooling with the smart airflow and two times faster vertical air swing. Users can activate it by  the remote control and it gives 28% faster cooling efficiency and 26% energy  is saved. c.Micro protection system is the new 3M protection filter which traps in the harmful substances with the electrostatic charge on the AC’s surface and this gives a much clear air and good cooling is maintained. d.Monsoon comfort is the new technology which during monsoon season provides a good help in keeping the room temperature good. During humidity this technology prevents overcooling the room and thus almost 36% of Energy is saved. e. Auto clean, this is the same technology where the wet heat exchange is dried up and this helps in preventing the bacteria from growing up. f. The e-saver mode is the new operational mode which helps in the usage of minimum energy and side by side maintains the body comfort by the Body Adaptation Time Algorithm ( BATA) to air conditioners. g. Not just this the three other distinguishing features which makes the AC better are the Sleep mode, Sweet dreamz mode and On/off timer. air cooler

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