Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

Kohl eyeliner powder is soft, creamy and easy to apply. A makeup artist’s favorite tool for lining the top waterline, it can be used to create a subtle line or a bolder one. It is safe to use on sensitive eyes and can be easily blended and smudged. The kohl pencils we sell contain a rich blend of hydrating ingredients, including vegetable lipids, mango seed oil, and vitamin E, making them ultra-blendable and gentle on the eyes.

Kohl, which is also known as kajal in India, is traditionally made at home from carbon, soot, and natural oils. In North Africa, traditional kohl contains lead from grinding galena (lead sulfide), while in the Middle East, antimony is commonly used. In modern times, manufacturers use amorphous carbon or organic charcoal, as well as plant oils and soot from various nuts, seeds, or gum resins.

In the United States, where the FDA prohibits the use of lead-based color additives, most kohl pencils are crafted from the same pigments found in lipstick and other cosmetic products. However, there is an artisanal brand called Saffron & Rose that has resurrected traditional kohl with a painstakingly handmade concoction of olive pips, dates, cloves, neem flowers, and lavender, which is ground and mixed using a pestle and mortar and then stored in glass bottles.

The company has found that kohl has many medicinal and health benefits as it protects the skin around the eyes from the sun, wind, dust, and air pollution. It is believed to strengthen the eyesight and prevent infections, and it can even cure many ailments. It is a daily ritual for some people, and it is often worn in combination with other makeup products. It is especially popular among women in the Arab world.

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