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This is a simple Question and Answer that tackles questions from How to pick an Online Sportsbook to What are some warning signs that my book may be in trouble.

Q. What type of sportsbook is right for me?

A. There are many very good books out there that get bad feedback because the player is better suited somewhere else. Most books offer some kind of perk to draw the type of player they would like to manage.
If the player is looking to make one $200 wager on the Superbowl and then withdraw it does not matter how reduced the juice is if they are going to pay $15 to process the payout. Many books will charge players for small money transfers since they target the larger player with other perks. The small superbowl bettor is better off at a book that charges full price but has free withdrawals yet charges full vig.
A bettor who is going to play out 500 or more through out a season would come away with more paying less over that time.
Long term investors should look at long term returns while the short term smaller player may be better off playing through a nice bonus and taking the free payout.
Many bonuses are more lucrative in the short term than reduced juice.

Q. What factors should I look at when choosing a book?

A. After deciding which type of book is right for you, choosing stability should be the first priority. If you decide a big bonus will benefit your playing style the most that does not mean you should hunt out the largest one and send your hard earned cash

Q. What methods of transferring money are there and what do they cost?

Q. Why should I have more than one sportsbook?

A. Many online books experience downtime at the hands of extortionists. A back up book is a must of you do not want to be left without a way to make you bet on football Sunday.
For those who are not playing for simple entertainment, line and price shopping is a must in order to turn a profit.
It is also smart not to keep all your eggs in the same basket.

Q. What are some warning signs that my book may be in trouble?

A. Most books that have failed have shown signs of floundering. The best advice one can give is to take not of inconsistencies. If your book performs like Datek.com and suddenly looks like a swimsuit site you know someone is shaking things up internally. If its not broke don’t fix it?
Signs to look for which you do not want to see simultaneously may include… sudden huge bonuses, spreads that are different than all other books, desperate marketing techniques such as cold calling and mass direct mailing, falling stock prices, slow-pay rumors and extended website down time. As you become more in tune with what makes a quality sports book you will be able to spot individual warning signs on your own. Playing with the very top shops can eliminate the anxiety that comes with sending your money to an unknown book. pragmatic

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