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How to Get Target Intel in the Division in Tom Clancy's The Division

A new type of currency called Target Intel has been introduced in The Division with the Conflict patch. It is needed to find the location of High Value Targets.

You can acquire target intel from several sources. These include completing Search and Destroy missions, finding HVTs by random events, and by destroying drones.

Search and Destroy Missions

One of the easiest ways to get target intel in the division is through search and destroy missions. These missions become available once all side missions and encounters in a given district are completed. They also require a certain number of Intel to unlock.

These can be found in safe houses, but they are also randomly spawned in the open world. Upon completion, the player receives Target Intel and EXP. The amount of target intel received depends on the area that is searched, and the total can be increased by killing enemies who drop it.

There are a total of 16 districts to discover in Tom Clancy’s The Division, and each has a small trove of collectible intel scattered across it. Each of these can be marked on our interactive map (which you can add to) and a reward is unlocked for collecting all of them in a particular category, such as a stylish new pom pom hat.

Intel can be collected through normal gameplay or by purchasing the Intel Discovery perk, which is acquired by upgrading the Security Wing of your base of operations (buy Canine Unit). Intel collectibles are divided into Evidence and Field Data categories. Obtaining all the Field Data in a particular category unlocks a reward, and all of this can be viewed in the Intel menu.

High-Value Targets

In the United States military, a high-value target (HVT) is an enemy commander or other personnel that an intelligence officer determines to be essential to the success of his mission. The term has been most widely used in connection with Osama Bin Laden and other leaders of terrorist organizations, as well as former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. An HVT may also refer to an enemy unit that is considered to have a high probability of being destroyed.

Identifying HVTs provides focus for the targeting effort, and allows for the identification of priorities for the engagement of enemy targets that will facilitate the success of the commander’s mission. HVT analysis also enables the preparation of enemy fallback options that are available if the commander’s current plan fails.

HVT analysis is normally conducted at division and higher echelons. However, selected extracts of the HVT analysis process can be performed at brigade and battalion levels. These efforts are generally more focused and detailed than those at division level, since they address only assets that the brigade controls.

The first step in developing a target attack guidance at the brigade level is to conduct a high-payoff target list using TVA tools. This is typically based on the results of a mission area analysis and the commander’s guidance.

A high-payoff target list should be developed as soon as a probable enemy course of action is determined. Once the list is developed, it should be reviewed with G2 and G3 to obtain any commander’s guidance on relative worth and the need for delay or limitation.

Once a list of potential high-value targets is identified, it should be evaluated for their ability to be acquired with division-level assets. Eliminate those that are outside the capabilities of division-level fire support and strike systems. Coordinate with the next-higher FS cell and ALO to identify those that can be successfully engaged with corps, CAS or nuclear and chemical weapons.

HVTs are special enemies that can appear in Patrol spaces or during Gambit matches. They are usually a glowing Major enemy of the same race as the player’s character, and they roam around the map attacking both hostiles and Guardians until they are killed or flee. They can be damaged by a variety of attacks, including Heavy Ammo Bricks, Cleaner Incinerators and LMB Engineers firing Marksman Rifle rounds. Their appearance, death, imminent disappearance and escape are announced through messages on the screen.

Random Events

In addition to completing Search and Destroy missions and High-Value Targets, players can also acquire target intel through random events. These events can occur on any district and will result in the display of collectibles for the player to locate and take down.

Alternatively, players can acquire all of the collectibles in a given district through the Intel Discovery perk, which can be purchased from Otis at the Base of Operations. This will unlock all bounties for the district and will prevent the player from having to spend more target intel on a collectible that they’ve already located. The target CPU determines both the default instruction set used as well as which CPU architecture the code is tuned for.


Collectible Intel can be gathered from a number of sources in Tom Clancy’s The Division including, but not limited to, the Crashed Drones that are scattered around the city. These drones are found on telephone and light poles, stuck in the side of buildings or simply crashed into them. Once you’ve completed all the side missions in a district, these collectibles will automatically appear on your map and can be easily accessed.

Gathering all of the collectibles in a given district will also unlock some rewards such as stylish hats. The collectibles are broken down into Evidence and Field Data.

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