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1) Once you get to the shooting range the first thing you want to do is to open your gun case making sure the barrel is pointed in a safe direction. If it is not pointed in a safe direction close the case and turn it to a position where the business end is pointed in a safe direction. Next reopen the case and remove the rifle butt first making sure the chamber is open and empty.

When this is accomplished insert a safety flag into the chamber. Lift the rifle so the barrel is pointed straight up in the air. Keeping the gun pointed straight up in the air proceed to the firing line in order to set up the rifle to be able to start shooting. Before you attempt to shoot in the Prone, Standing,or the Kneeling position you want to master the process of the shot by resting the barrel of the rifle on a sandbag. There are a couple of things to keep in mind, first wear safety glasses an dear plugs before entering the range. Second the sand bags are used to simplify the process of firing the shot by supporting the barrel. This makes the process of learning the proper way of taking a shot much easier.

2) When preparing to shot a shoot grip the rifle while keeping your finger outside the trigger guard until you get your target sighted and the rifle is pointed in the vicinity of the target. After the target is sighted in you want to put your finger on the trigger. You want your finger to placed in such a way that the trigger touches tour finger between the tip and the first joint of your finger. At this point stop breathing and take up the first stage of the trigger, if you have a two stage trigger. Now begin constant pressure on the trigger until the shot is fired. What ever you do, do not anticipate the shot. You need to concentrate on the sight picture not the trigger. Before trying an actual position you need to be able to consistently shoot three shots in a row at the bullseye in a tight grouping. The ideal group is to make only one hole with all three shots. If the three shots touch each other that is a good indication that the shooter has learned the act of firing the shot and can now learn the three different shooting positions. Churchill shooting

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