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When you’re planning a wedding, party, baby shower or another special event, it is important to have invitations that match your theme and personality. Store bought invitations can be a great option, but if you want your invitation to be unique then you will need to design your own custom cards.

Incorporating photos into your design is one way to make an invitation feel personalized and truly your own. This can really help to set the tone for your event and get guests excited for what is to come.

Including your time, date and place in the invitation design will also save you the hassle of writing this information on each individual card. This is especially useful if you are hosting an event that will be very busy or where some of your guests might not be able to attend.

There are many options for a custom printed invitation, including digital printing, letterpress and foil stamping. Digital printing is a great choice for small orders or when you want to use multiple colors in your design. It is a fast, inexpensive process that can give you high-quality results. Letterpress is an historical printing process that uses a metal or polymer plate that is inked and then pressed against paper, leaving your design and an impression on the page. This is a beautiful option for invitations, but it can be more expensive than digital printing, depending on how many colors you use in your design and the type of paper you choose. Etemply

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