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Card machines provide businesses with a secure, fast and simple way to accept payments. These electronic devices allow customers to pay for goods and services via their bank cards, helping businesses increase cash flow and improve customer satisfaction. In addition, card payment technology reduces fraud and identity theft for both the business and its customers by verifying a cardholder’s details before completing a transaction.

The best card machine for your business will depend on how you take payments and what features are important to your customers. For example, a mobile plumber will need a solution that they can use on their call outs, while a cafe or restaurant may want to add mobility to their point of sale system by using a portable machine.

In addition, you should also consider the cost of running your machine, its connectivity and how easily it will integrate with your other systems. Some card machines are proprietary, meaning that they can only be used with certain processors, while others have a more flexible approach, allowing you to choose the processing provider that suits your business needs.

Ultimately, the best card machine will provide you with the flexibility and convenience you need to make the most of your sales opportunities. Our Dojo Go card machine is a great choice for SMEs because it combines sleek design with powerful technology, so you can take payments at the till, on the table or on the move – and get your money into your bank account as soon as the next day (even on weekends and bank holidays). It even has dual-connectivity so that if your Wi-Fi fails, you can still operate your business by using your 4G mobile network. card machines

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