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Hair stylists rely on a high-quality hair dryer to create salon-level blowouts for clients. But not all hair dryers are created equal. In fact, a low-quality hair dryer can damage your client’s fragile strands.

If you want to ensure your clients have a hair dryer that is gentle on their hair and scalp, look for one with advanced technologies like ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline technology. These technologies reduce frizz and static, speed up drying time, and boost shine.

A great hair dryer can also help your clients avoid heat damage. Those with textured hair types may benefit from a hair dryer that includes a diffuser to gently air dry their curls and kinks, while those with thin hair may benefit from a hair dryer with lower heat settings so they don’t over-process their fragile strands.

For an even better hair dryer, consider one that is made of lightweight materials and features a brushless motor to reduce friction and improve durability. Additionally, consider a dryer that offers an easy-to-reach temperature adjustment and a cool shot button to lock in styles and promote luster. hair dryer

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