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If you live in Singapore, it is important to know how to borrow money. There are many types of loans available to citizens and permanent residents in the country. These include bank personal loans and licensed moneylenders.

A Licensed Money Lender in Singapore is an approved lender under the Ministry of Law. They can offer instant loans to citizens, permanent residents and foreigners with valid Employment Passes.

Licensed moneylenders have strict regulations and must comply with the Moneylenders Act in Singapore. They are mandated to inform borrowers of the terms and conditions of their loan. This includes information on interest rates, late charges and other related details.

They also have to provide a cautionary statement in writing before they grant a loan. They must also tell you where you can lodge a complaint if necessary.

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As a busy person, you may not always have the time to deal with your financial matters. Sometimes, you need to get cash quickly in order to deal with emergencies like car repairs or medical bills.

Unexpected events like these can be a big strain on your finances, especially when you don’t have the necessary savings to fall back on. Luckily, there are many lenders in Singapore who offer fast loans that can help you out when you need it most.

The key to getting a good loan is to shop around and choose the one that suits your needs best. You should also consider the benefits and drawbacks of each type of loan before you make a decision. borrow money singapore

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