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People tend to fall into two camps over spelling and grammar; There are those who think it’s old fashioned and unimportant, especially in the age of texting and 140 character updates, whilst others sit there with red pen in hand fighting the urge to write to the editor for every miss-spelt word.

But is having good grammar really that important?

Whatever your perspective in everyday life, good grammar is essential when it comes to promoting what you do for a living. Poorly written grammar can actually cost you business. You may be claiming to be an expert in your field but poor grammar in your marketing could make it hard for your clients to trust your words if they are poorly written.

Misspelt words and careless punctuation can actually undermine your professionalism and therefore grammar matters a lot when it comes to promoting yourself or your business. Forgetting to cross your t’s or dot your i’s can portray a slap dash attitude in general.

So what are the best steps to take to improve grammar?

If writing and grammar is not really your thing, then the good news is that there are plenty of ways to improve grammar.

There really is no excuse for poor punctuation and spelling today, especially with all laptops and computers now having spell checks as standard. But obviously take care to ensure that your spell check is set to U.K. English if you’re living in the U.K. (unless you’re trading in America of course.)

There are also plenty of grammar guides available to buy from both bookshops and online for those of you keen to get to grips with your grammar.

Another great tip is to take time to read the text out loud before you send an email or hit the publish button, to ensure that you have your commas and semi colons in the correct places.

Without a doubt, it is vital for your business success to have good grammar within all your communication especially, if like me, you rely on writing as part of your income.

It’s true that grammar has become more relaxed recently, especially with the introduction of texting and social media and indeed with the popularity of blogging. It would seem that it is no longer a sin to begin a sentence with and or but, despite school telling us otherwise. But with that said, it is still crucial to make sure that your content is “clean” in order that readers get a clear picture of where you’re coming from. The more the reader understands where you’re coming from the more likely they are to share your content and to come back for more- which is essential what you’re aiming for when you are writing for a business.

Therefore, take care to avoid making some of the more common grammar mistakes such as confusing you and you’re, it’s and its and so on.

So the simple answer to the question of whether grammar and spelling is important in business, is a resounding yes as it is crucial in the process of gaining respect and trust with your potential customers. ofcourse

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