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Vietnam’s long, narrow shape makes it easy to travel by bus or train between many regions. This means you can experience a wide variety of landscapes, cultures and activities in the same trip. From mountainous Hmong communities in Sapa to the enchanting port town of Hoi An, Vietnam is a country of contrasts and a fascinating mix of old and new.

One of the country’s most beautiful destinations is Halong Bay, a mystical bay where hundreds of karst islands jut dramatically from the water. Most people visit Halong Bay as part of a boat tour which can take several days to explore the area, visiting remote beaches and villages along the way. The Mekong Delta is another highlight of a trip to Vietnam where you can enjoy a more rural Vietnamese experience riding boats through canals and visiting floating markets.

The lush hilltop city of Da Lat has become famous for its magical waterfalls, shady forests and brilliant flower gardens. The city is also a great base for trekking into the Cao Bang Mountains where you can find more majestic waterfalls and local homestays. The region is dotted with caves to explore and offers sweeping views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

If you visit Phong Nha, try to time your stay to coincide with the full moon lantern festival. It’s a magical event when the Old Town is lit up with glowing paper lanterns which are dropped into the river for good luck. The city is full of historic buildings and the Japanese Covered Bridge dates from the seventeenth century. The Historical Museum is an excellent place to learn more about the city’s past and don’t miss the chance to cook your own meal in a G Adventures-supported cooking class. 하노이 붐붐 추천 및 주의사항

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