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Wanting to knock someone’s sock off by learning how to write a report?

During your business life there may be many business reports of various types that will need to compose & write and many of them will be written before your business is actually operating, so they’ll more than likely appear in your marketing plan.

When first kicking off with a new business, you’ll need to know how to write a report that includes accurate information about who your ideal customers are, the market, and your main competitors. This information will be of great benefit to you.

For example, if you’re going to operate in a business to business environment rather than selling to consumers, your report will need to focus on that specific area of business.

A no brainer wouldn’t you say.

The same principal applies if you have a retail business selling to the end consumer only the report will be consumer based.

Glad we got that sorted.

If you have an existing business, you may wish to improve your profits, attract more customers, lower your running costs, increase production and the basis of all decision making involved in any of these processes will be based on the information contained in a report.

Learning how to write a report is a very worthwhile undertaking as without one, you’ll be running on adrenalin and animal cunning, particularly if you just starting out in your business.

Here’s some secrets from an old Indian fighter…

Tips on How to Write a Report…


  • What is it going to address?
  • Create a framework with the help of peers, employees & associates
  • What position are you taking?
  • Is there a specific item or issue you’re trying to research?
  • Is it strictly an informational report only?


Some Key Issues.

Generally speaking, a report will answer a question, address a problem, or promote a thesis. This is an excellent way to think about & develop the context for a report.

Do The Research.

Researching & discovering articles supporting the view that you’re wanting to put forward in your report, is a great way to learn how to structure it & what to include.

It’s not uncommon that, whilst researching, for one to change tack on their initial view which can result in your original thesis becoming inaccurate.

You have the option at this point to retain your thesis and argue for it, or alternatively, accept the stance of disapproval.

Reviewing case studies is an excellent form of research along with reviewing peer reviewed articles, news articles and so forth.

The Layout.

It’s best not starting the report until you have completed your research.

Following a literature review, you will be in a far greater position in terms of knowledge of the topic, so you’ll be able to make a somewhat educated decision about how to write a report and what to include in it, prior to commencement.

Here’s the general outline you can use –

  • The introduction
  • The question, a thesis statement or a research question
  • A case study or literature review (what are the opinions of others, on the subject)
  • Evaluation & analysis
  • The summary or conclusion


Don’t forget to include all your sources of articles & information. This will address two important issues, it will result in more credibility and help to guard against plagiarism.

Most definitely, each & every quote MUST be supported its source.

Based on the style in which the report will be written, you may wish to consider a bibliography or a clause containing the sources that you consulted or another option is to include end notes or foot notes.

In my humble opinion…

In a business report, the best way to document quotes and the sources that were consulted is via a “Sources Statement.”

In the fullness of time, you’ll learn a whole lot more about how to write a report which will then be based on experience rather than research. A critical eye, constructive criticism & feedback are THE toughest ways to learn the skill, but are by far the best. custom socks

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