Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

The city of Canton has good access to amenities and a lower cost of living than most large cities. Its neighborhoods are attractive and there is low crime. There are also several parks, which are used by locals for recreation and exercise. A typical home in the city costs around $80k.

In general, the people in North Canton are healthy. Sixty percent take a daily low-dose aspirin to prevent heart attacks or strokes. About half of those 40 and older donate blood. Thirty percent of adults do vigorous-intensity work or recreational activities that raise their breathing and heart rates for at least 10 minutes continuously. This includes working on construction, digging or carrying heavy loads. Nineteen percent walk or bike to and from places.

About five percent of residents 18 years old and older have a chronic disease, such as arthritis or asthma. Six percent have been diagnosed with a mental illness. Twenty four percent have been addicted to drugs or alcohol in their lifetime. Six percent have smoked cigarettes. Nineteen percent have a high school education or higher.

Food assistance (formally known as SNAP) is a monthly benefit that helps families buy healthy food. Eligibility is based on family size, income and expenses, and some people under 60 may have to participate in employment training programs. To learn more about food assistance in Ohio, visit the state’s benefits website. The temporary boost in SNAP benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic will end after February, and regular benefits will return to pre-pandemic levels for most households in March. nutrition canton ohio

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