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The Bugatti Super Sport is a beast of a car that redefines power. With 1,600 horses under its hood, this is one of the fastest cars on the planet and can easily do 260 miles per hour.

The Super Sport is an upgraded version of the Veyron, which was itself a game-changing vehicle that brought Bugatti into the modern automotive landscape. The Chiron was the first production road car to reach 300 mph, and the Super Sport 300+ is a limited-production variant that resembles the modified model that made that feat in late 2019.

Unlike the regular Veyron, which can be driven by most drivers, the Super Sport requires extensive training and certification before it’s safe to drive. Those who qualify will spend three days at the Bugatti driving school in Molsheim, Germany, where they’ll learn how to handle the car under all conditions. The class includes instruction in how to prepare the car for high-speed runs, how to use the traction control system, and how to operate the hypercar’s brake-by-wire system.

After graduating from the driving school, owners will receive a special key that allows them to unlock their car’s full potential. The key also allows them to access the car’s “Turbo” mode, which increases engine output and shift speed to enable more aggressive driving. This mode is ideal for racing, but can also be used for road trips, according to Bugatti.

The car can go from 0 to 60 in just 2.3 seconds and can reach 261 miles per hour. The Super Sport can be a comfortable grand tourer when driven tamely, but put it in the racetrack and you’ll feel every pound of its massive power.

Getting to know the Bugatti Super Sport 300+

The company only built 30 of these models, and all have already been sold. They’re named the Super Sport 300+ because it closely resembles the prototype that broke the world record. Its specs are similar to the standard Chiron, but it has an extra 1578 hp from a tweaked version of the quad-turbo W-16 engine.

It can rev up to 7,100 rpm, which is 300 rpm higher than the original Chiron. The extra power and the higher top speed are thanks to modifications like a larger exhaust system and a new rear diffuser that improves airflow.

The Super Sport also gets a shortened front spoiler and an extra set of vents behind the rear wheels. It’s finished in Black Carbon with Jet Orange racing stripes, and the interior features dark leather and other subtle touches to match the exterior color. This particular example was ordered in December of 2019 and has only been driven 1,416 miles from new. Its owner was probably too busy driving the 17 other priceless vehicles in their collection, which include four of the greatest Ferraris ever built and two EB110s. This car is expected to fetch a minimum of $5 million at auction next month. The sale takes place November 5 in London, and it will be televised live on the internet.

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