Tue. Dec 5th, 2023

With a global workforce and growing interest in German, more people than ever are seeking out tutors to learn the language. In fact, with the advent of online tuition it is now possible to find native speakers across the UK and beyond. As a result, there is now no area in London where you can’t find a tutor offering German lessons.

Whether you are interested in learning German for work, travel or personal development, it is an extremely useful language to learn. The second most spoken language in the world, it opens up a whole new host of opportunities in business and culture across Europe. As the most widely taught second language in the world, it can also help open doors to study abroad or in higher education.

A bespoke tutor can offer the best in one-to-one German tuition. They can provide personalised lessons for students of all levels, tailored to your particular goals and needs. Tutors can also offer specialised preparation for exam such as GCSE, A-Level, IB or Test DaF; corporate language courses for businesses and staff; and language immersion holidays and intensives.

There are also many group courses available to get you started in German. These immersive evening classes are designed to immerse you in the language and help build conversational skills as quickly as possible. The courses are offered by many providers including Imperial College London and the Goethe Institut London. They are generally offered for beginner through to intermediate level. Alternatively, try out a free introductory course such as Nicos Weg (Nico’s journey), a story of a Spanish student who goes to Germany to visit his aunt and ends up losing his bag with his passport, phone and her address in it. German lessons London

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