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Ewarrants are digital, real-time warrants that allow law enforcement officers to create and share a warrant from anywhere, on any device. Officers can complete a warrant application using the mobile app, a browser-enabled secure video conference with a judge or an eWarrants interface that connects directly to an existing judicial system’s warrant database. The resulting eWarrant is automatically populated and can be instantly sent to a judge for review, approval and service. This allows a judge to respond from their office, field or patrol car – eliminating the need for them to return to their desks. The eWarrant process allows police departments to decrease crime while improving officer safety by allowing them to act immediately upon probable cause – thus reducing the possibility that a suspect will be tipped off and flee.

In addition to eWarrants, FusionStak provides a comprehensive suite of technology for courts and public safety departments. Whether it is eFiling, ePortal, Odyssey or Brazos, our applications help law enforcement agencies and offices handle all aspects of their daily business in a more efficient and effective manner.

The eWarrants platform is a free, modernized and streamlined system that improves the accuracy of Ohio’s current background check process. The eWarrants interface is provided to law enforcement and court officials across the state at no cost and can be integrated with record management vendor systems that most departments have in place.

Earlier this year, USA TODAY Network’s Columbus Dispatch investigative team found that thousands of local warrants — including those related to violent crimes — never make it into the statewide and national databases used to identify suspected criminals. Meigs County Common Pleas Judge Linda Warner is one of the first judges in the country to use eWarrants, and she says it’s been a lifesaver for her. Ewarrants

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