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These figurines are manufactured from glass, handcrafted by mastered artisans. They are manually blew or cut by a machine for giving it a proper shape and size. Like porcelain and ceramic, glass is also widely used for making of figurines. The figurines are one of the most elegant. The purpose is for a collection or a stunning gift for birthdays.

The commonly manufactured glass figurines are the animal, human, angel, fish and the tortoise.

The animal figurine – Animals like dogs and cats are the popular animal glass figurines. As they are loved and are a part of most of the world cultures and have been a constant characters in stories even though others are also used.

Human figurine – A figurine replicating a couple dancing, or a sad scene where a lady is weeping etc., the commonly used theme for such figurines are love, joy and sorrow.

Angel figurine – the most popular of any figurines are the angel figurines. As have always been believed to be the messengers of god. They are believed to help the living beings on this earth. Several angels are categorized according to the different happenings, concepts, and feelings. Some of them like the guardian angel, love angel, peace angel etc., females and boys and girls are depicted as angel. They are attached with a wing. Angel figurines especially made out of glass are actually considered to bring peace and harmony. So they always have a very high demand in the market.

Other glass figurines such as the farm animal glass figurines are also popular, especially the horse, pig and the rooster.

In Feng Shui, figurines of frogs are considered to provide us with good fortune. Like the three legged frog and the single eyed frog. The other ones are the tiny or the micro frog, which is used on several interior accessories.

The bird figurines include hens, penguins and owls. As a part of the environment awareness, these days’ figurines of trees and endangered animals are being produced and sold in the market for a general awareness among the folks.

There are many ways to create figurines. The first is the blown glass method where a glass blower works out a furnace using metal rods and hand tools to blow. Another is the flame worked figurines, which uses torches and kilns in its production. The other method is by using a stained glass, where the glass is cut manually and by the machine. Russia is the world’s leading manufacturer of conceptual figurines. Angel Figurine

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