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A custom suit is a one-of-a-kind garment that can make you feel ultra confident in any situation. Unlike off-the-rack suits sold in stores, custom clothing is crafted with the finest fabrics from renowned mills to ensure your suit is crafted with the utmost quality and luxury. Additionally, a custom suit is made to your exact fit, ensuring that it’s comfortable and flattering. In addition, a custom suit can be customized with many details like lapel shapes, pocket styles, and linings to create a truly unique garment. Whether you’re looking for a formal business suit or something more casual, there are plenty of options in Miami to find the perfect suit for you.

Pepi Bertini
If you’re in the market for a tailored suit, shirt or tuxedo, there are few places more trusted than Pepi Bertini. This boutique has been serving men in South Florida for more than 25 years and is a true master at tailoring to specific measurements and preferences. Pepi’s customers range from professional athletes to local celebrities and he offers both off-the-rack and fully customized suits in sizes ranging from 36 regular to 78 long.

Founded by Rishabh Khandelwal and Sakshi Jain, Hangrr emits a younger, hipper vibe than some of its online custom clothier peers. They offer a variety of fabric, style and color options and an AI-enhanced program to create your ideal suit. During your appointment, Hangrr will ask you questions about your lifestyle, career and personal style to better understand your fit. Custom suits Miami

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