Wed. Feb 28th, 2024

A wedding video is more than just a clip reel of the day; it’s an important family heirloom that captures moments in time that you may otherwise forget. From your mother’s words while helping you into your dress to the hilarious stories from your best man’s speech and the tears as your fiance says his vows, weddings are filled with heart-warming and emotional moments that cannot be captured in a photograph.

When choosing a videographer, ask to see their portfolios of past films. Look closely at each and imagine what your own wedding film might look like based on their style. If their aesthetic doesn’t match yours, it’ll be difficult to tell your unique love story on camera.

Ask about the type of camera equipment they use and if they have additional audio gear (i.e. microphones). You should be able to expect that any videographer you hire will have cameras with high-quality lenses and a range of different camera accessories, including a variety of lenses, microphones, and wireless lapel microphones for guests.

If you choose to go the full-length documentary route, be prepared for your videographer to be present and interacting with you throughout most of your wedding day. They may need to ask you to read your letters and personal vows or to speak into the mic during the ceremony or reception. This is so that they can get crystal clear audio to make your final wedding film as crisp and detailed as possible. wedding videographer

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