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Caregiver agencies are organizations that recruit, screen, hire, train and supervise caregivers to provide care to people in their homes. This is a great option for seniors who want to remain in their own home but need some help with daily tasks. They can also offer companionship, errands and transportation.

Hiring a caregiver is a difficult decision, and there are several important factors to consider when choosing an agency or a private caregiver. Some of the important things to look for include:


If you decide to hire an agency, you will pay more than if you hired an independent caregiver. This is because agencies charge a fee for the recruiting, screening, hiring, and training of their workers. They also must have liability insurance to cover any accidents or injuries that occur in your loved one’s home.

The agency should send you a packet that includes a description of their services, fees and references. This will allow you to review the information before you meet with an agency representative.

Ask to see copies of the caregivers’ background checks and employment history. This will give you peace of mind and help you make a good choice.

Recommendations: Before you decide to hire an agency, it is a good idea to seek recommendations from other family members or friends. This will give you a better idea of the quality of service and experience.

You should also check with your state Department of Social Services for licensing and regulation issues. Many states require that agencies have licenses and insurance before they can offer their services.

Your local Area Agency on Aging is another resource to check with. They can often refer you to an agency near your loved one’s residence, as well as providing information about home health agencies and other resources in your community.

Hiring an Agency versus a Private Caregivers

Some families prefer to use a home care agency instead of an independent caregiver because it is easier to find a caregiver through an agency. The process is much more similar to hiring an employee than it is with independent caregivers, who are typically hired through Craigslist or other posting sites.

There are also advantages to using an agency, such as a large pool of caregivers and minimal paperwork. However, you should always interview the caregivers to ensure that they are able to provide a safe and caring environment for your loved one.

The caregivers are screened by a credentialing body and passed a criminal background check. This ensures that they have the proper skills and knowledge to care for your elderly loved one.

You should also ask to see their references before hiring them. These should be former or current employers, and they should be able to verify that the aide has provided excellent care for their clients in the past.

If you need to hire a full-time caregiver, you will need to talk with the agency about staffing requirements and how many hours the worker can work. These can vary by agency and by state, but you should expect a minimum of 3-4 hours per visit. caregiver jobs toronto

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